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Our Technology

At Sonus, with our polyCMUT technology, we are set out to redefine the ultrasound landscape. Born at the University of British Columbia and honed through independent characterization and versatile integration with various ultrasound systems, we're pioneering new applications in healthcare, NDT, wearables, and more. Our high-performance, highly-customizable and flexible transducers open doors to opportunities beyond the reach of conventional technologies.


Polymer-based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers are tiny vibrating drums (the diameter of a human hair) that can send and receive ultrasound waves to create images.


We have advanced fabrication facilities in North America with state-of-the-art microfabrication and measurement equipment, including class-100 cleanroom, optical and acoustic characterization tools.


From miniature arrays to large flexible matrix arrays, our transducers empower novel applications in ultrasound that require high bandwidth and sensitivity with agile design and production.


We are a nanotechnology company on a mission to revolutionize ultrasound imaging and sensing, empower novel applications and democratize healthcare diagnosis. We are advancing our proprietary polyCMUT technology internally and through strong and growing partnerships. Our team has 80+ years of combined academic and industrial experience in ultrasound, nanotechnology and semiconductors.

Our Team

Hani Eskandari

Hani is an experienced deep-tech entrepreneur. He has founded, operated and helped scale up several companies in MedTech and Robotics in the past, holding positions such as CEO, CTO, Head of Product and Strategy, and Principal Engineer. Hani has a PhD in medical robotics and ultrasound and holds over 10 patents.

Robert Rohling

Co-founder and Director
Rob is the current director of the Institute of Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS) at UBC. He is also the founder and CSO of SonicIncytes. Rob holds over 20 patents and has authored 300+ peer-reviewed scientific papers

Edmond Cretu

Co-founder and Director
Edmond is a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UBC. He has ample experience in MEMS devices, circuit design, signal processing and control He holds 7 patents and has authored 150+ peer-reviewed scientific papers

Carlos D. Gerardo

Co-founder and Director
Carlos has ample knowledge in design, fabrication and characterization of ultrasound transducers and signal processing. Carlos holds 3 patents and received an award for Excellence in Nanofabrication from the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC) in 2018.

Bill Walker

Bill is currently the founder and CTO of Boundless Science. He is also the current director of Engineering Entrepreneurship at Duke University, and member of the North Carolina Board of Science, Technology and Innovation (NCBSTI). Bill is the former CEO of HemoSonics. Bill has over 30 years of experience in R&D, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Levi Moore

Levi is the current president and CEO of Acertara Acoustic Laboratories. He has worked on the development of ultrasound equipment and test equipment for 25 years. He holds multiple patents in the field of ultrasound and brought hundreds of ultrasound probes and systems to market. He served for four years as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, including a deployment to Iraq after 9/11

Clemens Kaiser

Clemens has over 30 years of experience in executive leadership positions for the healthcare and technology industries across many countries, including Germany, France, China, Taiwan, USA, and most recently Canada.

Gabe Kalmar

Gabe has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial activities. He has expertise in biotechnology research and commercialization. Gabe has been engaged in strategic consulting activities with several early and mid-stage biopharma and technology companies.

Megan McGinley

Financial Advisor
Megan is a Chartered Professional Accountant and an MBA, with many years of experience with both large corporate and early-stage companies. She is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and also works as a fractional CFO with two other start-up technology companies, Zennea Technologies Inc. and SpineX Inc.

Scott Easterbrook

Senior Technical Advisor
Scott is global ultrasound expert. He has held multiple executive and directors positions at GE, Philips, Esaote and more recenlty Vave health. Scott has over 40 years of experience in ultrasound design, development and manufacturing.

Karen Boodram

Business Advisor
Karen has assumed executive roles in Life Science companies focused on Corporate and Business Development, participated as a director on the boards of public and private companies, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at e@UBC/Accelerator, mentoring start-up venture opportunities, including Sonus Microsystems. Karen has an MBA, BSc.Pharm. and, BSc. Bioch

Susan Tees

Senior Patent Agent
Susan is a registered Canadian and US patent agent. She has worked as in house patent counsel at several Vancouver biotechnology firms since 1990. She has managed patents, trademarks, domain names, IP procedures, and licenses from within QLT, Inex Pharmaceuticals, Kinetek Pharmaceuticals, and most recently, Sonus Microsystems

Latest news and media

Press release for International Ultrasonic Symposium

Vancouver, BC., October 9th, 2022 - Sonus Microsystems is the first company to offer fully customizable linear and matrix array transducers for consumer ultrasound applications. The unique size, flexibility, and customizability of Sonus Microsystems’ polyCMUT technology allows for applications not previously possible with traditional piezoelectric or silicon-based ultrasound transducers. The state-of-the-art polymers used enable fast development times and novel utilizations such as conformal ultrasound transducers, miniature and biocompatible ultrasound transducers, optically-transparent ultrasound transducers and even disposable ultrasound transducers.

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