Sonus Microsystems Introduces the Evolution in Ultrasound Technology

Vancouver, BC., October 9th, 2022 – Sonus Microsystems is the first company to offer fully customizable linear and matrix array transducers for consumer ultrasound applications. The unique size, flexibility, and customizability of Sonus Microsystems’ polyCMUT technology allows for applications not previously possible with traditional piezoelectric or silicon-based ultrasound transducers. The state-of-the-art polymers used enable fast development times and novel utilizations such as conformal ultrasound transducers, miniature and biocompatible ultrasound transducers, optically-transparent ultrasound transducers and even disposable ultrasound transducers.

Sonus Microsystems was founded in 2019 by the inventors of the polyCMUT technology Dr. Carlos D. Gerardo, Dr. Edmond Cretu, and Dr. Robert Rohling; who have over 60 years of combined academic and industry experience and 400+ peer-reviewed scientific papers between them.

Sonus Microsystems draws your attention to three papers at the upcoming 2022 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium:

● Fabrication and Characterization of FlexCMUT, a Flexible Polymer-based Ultrasound Array for Conformal Imaging. A. Omidvar et al.

● Ultrathin, High Sensitivity Polymer-Based Capacitive Micromachined Transducers (PolyCMUTs) for Acoustic Emission Sensing in Fiber Reinforced Polymers. J. Welsch et al.

● Optimized Transmission Electrical Broadband Impedance Matching for PolyCMUT. G. Guerreiro et al.

These papers illustrate the scope of innovation of the polymer-based CMUT (polyCMUT) technology invented by the above team and being brought to market by Sonus Microsystems. In particular, these papers demonstrate the paradigm-shift in ultrasound transducers that polyCMUTs offer in terms of large, flexible and wearable imaging arrays.
“Transducer drums have typically been made out of rigid silicon materials that require costly, environment-controlled manufacturing processes, and this has hampered their use in ultrasound. By using polymer resin, we were able to produce polyCMUTs in fewer fabrication steps, using a minimum amount of equipment, resulting in significant cost savings and unique capabilities.” said Dr. Rohling, Co-Founder and Director at Sonus.
If you have a novel application for such capabilities, Sonus Microsystems invites you to contact us to reserve an in-person meeting time during the 2022 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, October 10th through 13th, 2022. We are excited to explore how polyCMUTs can be integrated into your current and future ultrasound system offerings. We are also interested in partnerships on electronic integration including ASIC designs for polyCMUTs.

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